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Grow with Huawei Cloud: Accelerating GTM and Sales with Empowered Benefits

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(Adnkronos) – SHANGHAI, Sept. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The theme of the Huawei Cloud session at this year's HUAWEI CONNECT was "Grow with Huawei Cloud: Accelerating GTM and Sales with Empowered Benefits". Jacqueline Shi, President of Huawei Cloud Global Marketing and Sales Service, led customers and partners in keynote speeches while sharing some of Huawei Cloud's achievements with global partners. She also explained some of the latest partner policies and joint sales initiatives, as well as the Huawei Cloud Partner Sales GTM Acceleration Program. Jacqueline Shi, President of Huawei Cloud Global Marketing and Sales Service, delivered opening remarks, which highlighted some of the shared achievements made by Huawei Cloud with global partners and expressed Huawei Cloud's stance on supporting partners to achieve business success. She said, " With our tech innovation, Huawei Cloud is leading the cloud native journey globally. You will enjoy direct access to our cutting-edge services, such as Pangu models, virtual humans, and GaussDB, via KooVerse, anytime, anywhere. In our new GoCloud and GrowCloud partner development frameworks, we share market opportunities as we open up our tech to help you build competitive solutions. We grow together as we go together." Over the past year, Huawei Cloud has collaborated with software partners to create cutting-edge solutions and expand its customer base worldwide, and, through partnerships with system integrator (SI) partners, Huawei Cloud has developed digitalization strategies for different industries and provided digital transformation solutions tailored to the needs of each enterprise customer. Huawei Cloud and partners gained market insights and focused on high-value segmented scenarios to quickly replicate global best practices. Huawei Cloud will continue to provide Everything as a Service and build a global cloud infrastructure of quality cloud services accessible for 84 availability zones (AZs) in 30 regions and customers in 170 countries and regions worldwide. Huawei Cloud services have already been available for customers from Türkiye and Saudi Arabia. Regarding technical innovation, Huawei Cloud offers scenario- and industry-specific Pangu models to tackle the big challenges of various industries, creating new chances for businesses to grow with AI. For ecosystem development, Huawei Cloud has always placed great importance on building a robust global ecosystem and partner network, and has released two new partner frameworks focusing on partner competency: GoCloud and GrowCloud. This year, Huawei Cloud will continue to improve the partner development framework and incentive policies, enhance the product GTM for partners, and increase investment in joint sales. At the session, Mark Chen, President of Huawei Cloud Solution Sales, delivered a speech titled "3 Key Actions to Boost Your Business with Huawei Cloud". According to Mr. Chen, Huawei Cloud will keep adhering to the concept of "shared technologies, shared success" in the cooperation with Partners and is going to offer four partner sales acceleration programs, three types of support for partner sales, and 10 offerings and GTM support to support partners' business growth. This year, Huawei Cloud will release four new sales acceleration programs for partners, designed to help them monetize their capabilities and resources, including Partner Customer Engagement (PCE), Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), KooGallery Sales Program, and Enterprise Discount Program (EDP). In addition, Huawei Cloud plans to provide three additional sales supports for our partners to further improve their business development efficiency. Specifically, Huawei Cloud will strengthen the collaboration between PBDs and partners in joint customer development to drive the resource and capability investment of both parties. Huawei Cloud is striving to build a strong PSA team to help partners enhance their skills and to offer additional resources to top-performing sales partners. Huawei Cloud is going to build remote sales support centers that help partners efficiently carry out standard jobs, such as POC, bidding, and technical support, and improve their sales efficiency. Lastly, Huawei Cloud has 10 new offerings about to be launched for partners. These offerings cover 10 key sales scenarios and include the sales suites of over 20 high-value solutions, including introductory materials, sales guides, technical solution designs, and POC. Huawei Cloud is going to build a one-stop GTM support platform for global partners, empowering them with the necessary tools and resources to enhance their GTM capabilities. In this session, Jacqueline Shi, President of Huawei Cloud Global Marketing and Sales Service, Mark Chen, President of Huawei Cloud Solution Sales, William Dong, President of Huawei Cloud Marketing and Dale Chen, Director of Huawei Cloud Global Partner Management jointly launched the Huawei Cloud Partner Sales GTM Acceleration Program to help partners start their journey towards technological symbiosis and shared success. Multiple global partners were invited to share their experience and discuss their achievements. Pascal Bitterly, Business Owner and Product Director of Orange Business, shared his experience in jointly developing customers and operating projects with Huawei Cloud. He expressed his idea about how to create positive impacts with Huawei Cloud from four aspects: building on Orange Business global reach and local care, driving co-innovation, focusing on customers' business value, and enriching solution portfolio.     Jose Luis Rodriguez, Consulting Services & Cloud Lead of Seidor Chile, shared insights on the joint efforts of Seidor Chile and Huawei Cloud to expand the SAP market in Chile. He highlighted the importance of taking risks, learning from mistakes, making advancements, and ultimately achieving success. Jônatas Mattes, CTO of Extreme Digital Solutions, expressed his expectations for fruitful cooperation with Huawei Cloud. He said, "Trust has been a key factor in our accomplishments thus far, and we are confident that it will continue to drive our success in this partnership." Kraipich Pichpongsa, COO of Vonosis, Thailand's first Huawei Cloud partner for cloud native technologies, said that the partnership between Huawei Cloud and Vonosis since 2018 has been quite fruitful, yielding many accomplishments in expanding the small and medium business (SMB) markets in local regions and cultivating a robust ecosystem. Pichpongsa said that the solid partnership has been instrumental in achieving this success. Andrey Abreu, CIO of MV, the largest medical information company in Brazil, said, "With Huawei Cloud, MV can provide excellent health as a service for patients, doctors, hospitals, and other players in LATAM region." Finally, Victor Wang, Product & Technology Manager of Great China, Axxonsoft, one of the world's top AI video software companies, said that building a first-class video analysis VSaaS platform based on Huawei Cloud IaaS and AI capabilities could better serve industry customers, featuring multi-branch and multi-site, such as retail hotels, implement distributed supervision, unified internet-based management, and AI innovation. In the coming years, Huawei Cloud will continue to enhance global partner policies and develop essential ecosystem capabilities through ongoing technological innovation as they help partner capitalize on their strengths and monetize their capabilities. Additionally, Huawei Cloud will intensify GTM support and augment joint sales investments to foster the growth of global partner businesses. Photo – – –
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